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Definition of dismember:

  1. To deprive of membership.
  2. To tear limb from limb; to dilacerate; to disjoin member from member; to tear or cut in pieces; to break up.


knock down, dismantle, maim, dissect, strike, exterminate, strangle, break up, disassemble, crack, breakup, distintegrate, break apart, massacre, murder, poach, analyse, assassinate, bump off, take apart, fragment, take down, dismount, rive, fracture, discerp, kill, take someone's life, creak, malaise, dispatch, slack, disjoint, mutilate, help, cripple, break down, slaughter, maim, co-opt, analyze, demount, lop, amputate, bust, reshuffle, sever, disrupt.

Usage examples: