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Definition of disorderliness:

  1. The state of being disorderly.


jumble, rough water, sloppiness, roughness, order, fractiousness, obstinateness, indentation, pitting, recalcitrancy, peace, rowdiness, crudeness, intractability, intractableness, unruliness, choppiness, slovenliness, untidiness, snafu, disorderedness, scramble, upset, muddle, rowdyism, raggedness, indocility, obstreperousness, refractoriness, ungovernableness, control, wildness, tumble, unmanageability, uncontrollability, resist, harshness, obstinacy, uncontrollableness, recalcitrance, confusedness, muddiness, mix-up, topsy-turviness, mental confusion, untowardness, muss, disarray.

Usage examples: