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Definition of disseminate:

  1. To sow broadcast or as seed; to scatter for growth and propagation, like seed; to spread abroad; to diffuse; as, principles, ideas, opinions, and errors are disseminated when they are spread abroad for propagation.
  2. To spread or extend by dispersion.


give out, dispel, sprinkle, unfold, noise, fan out, circle, interpenetrate, beam, riddle, shell out, disperse, allot, administer, parcel out, overspread, imbue, blazon, blaze, mobilize, circularize, pass out, pass on, break up, collect, permeate, open, radiate, send, air, dole out, bruit, broadcast, spread out, distribute, spread, propagate, pass around, pervade, circularise, dish out, stagger, circulate, lot, dust, wide, go around, mobilise, deal, deal out, move, hand out, diffuse, penetrate, promulgate, knowledge, dot, mete out, strew, transmit.

Usage examples: