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Definition of dissever:

  1. To part in two; to sever thoroughly; to sunder; to disunite; to separate; to disperse.
  2. To part; to separate.


disunite, decouple, unyoke, come apart, unlink, separate, differentiate, fall apart, disjoint, slice, secern, carve, fraction, part, slit, split, single out, uncouple, fork, burst, carve up, tell apart, break, dissociate, disjoin, sort out, secernate, classify, divide, cleave, tell, split up, assort, sunder, sever, severalise, furcate, cut, ramify, segment, resolve, rive, sort, branch, distinguish, disconnect, disassociate, partition, discriminate, section, class, break up, divorce, assemble, break open, severalize.

Usage examples: