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Definition of dissolute:

  1. Loosed from restraint; esp., loose in morals and conduct; recklessly abandoned to sensual pleasures; profligate; wanton; lewd; debauched.
  2. With nerves unstrung; weak.


quick, luxuriant, betting, debased, firm, demoralized, uninhibited, restraint, evil, perverted, lush, depraved, incontinent, decadent, unconstrained, riotous, ungoverned, profligate, truehearted, uncontrolled, sordid, sick, spendthrift, degraded, reprobate, turbulent, unbridled, licentious, troubled, loyal, exuberant, libertine, devalued, degenerate, unethical, fast, extravagant, sporting, debauched, unclean, unrestrained, loose, amoral, card-playing, sinful, flying, gross, abandoned, perverse, profuse, dissipated, unwholesome, gay, warped, wanton, immobile, immoral, jackleg, wild, rakish, deviant, prodigal, rakehell, disruptive, tumultuous.

Usage examples: