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Definition of distinguished:

  1. Marked; special.
  2. of Distinguish
  3. Separated from others by distinct difference; having, or indicating, superiority; eminent or known; illustrious; - applied to persons and deeds.


insignificant, singular, shining, high-and-mighty, signal, stamped, extraordinary, deluxe, rattling, marvellous, magisterial, set apart, genteel, sumptuous, expansive, wonderful, separate, peremptory, reputable, unique, terrific, rarefied, observed, rarified, exceptional, first-rate, striking, brilliant, honored, nonpareil, venerable, nonesuch, gilded, transcendent, high-minded, knowledge, conspicuous, bossy, redoubtable, distinct, idealistic, typical, of import, radiant, peerless, unforgettable, dignified, standout, marvelous, high-flown, howling, special, imposing, noble-minded, important, ace, noted, superior, wondrous, dominating, opulent, lofty, prestigious, great, respected, eminent, respect, sublime, arresting, obvious, tremendous, luxurious, glorious, foremost, differentiated, autocratic, obscure, signed, fantastic, unidentified, outstanding.

Usage examples: