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Definition of distressing:

  1. Causing distress; painful; unpleasant.
  2. In a distressing manner.
  3. of Distress


miserable, wretched, dark, sorry, tense, nerve-racking, heartbreaking, poor, pitiful, disruptive, nasty, drab, good-for-naught, fraught, disquieting, vicious, serious, regretful, misfortunate, worrying, troublesome, grave, dismal, pathetic, anxious, discomposing, sad, unsettling, troubling, execrable, hapless, heavy, drear, severe, tragic, troublous, nail-biting, good-for-nothing, criminal, worrisome, creepy, perturbing, distressful, alarming, disturbing, reprehensible, unreassuring, gloomy, pain, stressful, meritless, bad, no-count, lamentable, nagging, dreary, hairy, upsetting, condemnable, unlucky, grievous, restless, blue, unfortunate, dingy, disconsolate, agitating, no-good, happy, grim, intrusive, no-account, piteous, woeful, unnerving, pitiable, uneasy, deplorable, heartrending.

Usage examples: