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Definition of distribute:

  1. To dispense; to administer; as, to distribute justice.
  2. To divide among several or many; to deal out; to apportion; to allot.
  3. To divide or separate, as into classes, orders, kinds, or species; to classify; to assort, as specimens, letters, etc.
  4. To employ ( a term) in its whole extent; to take as universal in one premise.
  5. To make distribution.
  6. To separate ( type which has been used) and return it to the proper boxes in the cases.
  7. To spread ( ink) evenly, as upon a roller or a table.


dole out, cope, take, handle, fan out, impart, lurch, black out, administrate, categorize, zonk out, go on, dish, disperse, reach, relegate, break down, hold, give way, appropriate, allot, lot, emit, send, conk, go around, hand out, mete out, plow, broadcast, dust, conduct, parcel out, accord, manage, disseminate, grapple, care, reel, look at, swoon, keep, group, make do, administer, move on, grant, dispel, careen, unfold, communicate, classify, divvy, get by, open, overspread, divvy up, rank, riddle, circularise, class, stack, die, order, issue, dispose, sprinkle, consider, serve, dish up, permeate, interpenetrate, go, value, set apart, address, air, give out, submit, beam, consign, hand, bestow, dish out, break up, pass along, run out, stagger, dispense, collect, deal out, leave, award, mobilise, circle, pervade, prorate, pass around, march on, spread, imbue, place, measure out, penetrate, give off, cover, swag, move, flounder, keel, make out, advance, carry on, sell, range, mobilize, serve up, put across, turn over, transmit, go bad, grade, rate, portion out, diffuse, shell out, endow, contend, wide, circulate, sow, trade, pigeonhole, pass on, pass out, circularize, break, strew, faint, destine, treat, file, appoint, dot, give away, fail, progress, pass, spread out, select, propagate, conk out.

Usage examples: