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Definition of distributive:

  1. A distributive adjective or pronoun; also, a distributive numeral.
  2. Assigning the species of a general term.
  3. Expressing separation; denoting a taking singly, not collectively; as, a distributive adjective or pronoun, such as each, either, every; a distributive numeral, as ( Latin) bini ( two by two).
  4. Tending to disperse.
  5. Tending to distribute; serving to divide and assign in portions; dealing to each his proper share.


diffusive, decentralizing, scattering, permeative, permeating, allocatable, disseminating, allocable, diffusing, dispersive, spreading, permeant, disseminative, apportionable, suffusive, pervasive, separative, decentralising.

Usage examples: