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Definition of disturbing:

  1. of Disturb


burdensome, nasty, tense, difficult, plaguey, nettlesome, galling, foreboding, pestilential, sad, onerous, deplorable, nettling, distressing, consequential, carking, maddening, startling, gloomy, discomforting, unreassuring, restless, anxious, inauspicious, rebarbative, trying, grave, troubling, severe, perturbing, not encouraging, nerve-racking, pesty, abrasive, inconvenient, vexatious, uneasy, disagreeable, causing worry, unpleasant, heavy, lamentable, hairy, discommoding, depressing, discomfiting, ominous, unsettling, nail-biting, troublous, frustrating, creepy, toilsome, disruptive, pain, serious, unsettling, dismaying, happy, uncomfortable, sorry, impeding, distressful, prophetic, intrusive, disconcerting, tiresome, fraught, perplexing, discouraging, laborious, pestilent, painful, pessimistic, pesky, wearisome, stressful, pitiful, worrying, causing anxiety, worrisome, embarrassing, pestiferous, uncertain, not propitious, hard, unpropitious, flustering, sinister.

Usage examples: