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Definition of divinity:

  1. A celestial being, inferior to the supreme God, but superior to man.
  2. A pretended deity of pagans; a false god.
  3. Something divine or superhuman; supernatural power or virtue; something which inspires awe.
  4. The Deity; the Supreme Being; God.
  5. The science of divine things; the science which treats of God, his laws and moral government, and the way of salvation; theology.
  6. The state of being divine; the nature or essence of God; deity; godhead.


Father, immortal, God, acoustics, deity, archaeology, theological system, aesthetics, theology, ancient history, architecture, Supreme Being, the Almighty, applied linguistics, Allah, agronomy, godhood, the Creator, anthropology, graven image, Everlasting, Author, archeology, being, agriculture, divine, Yahweh, Eternal, divinity fudge.

Usage examples: