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Definition of DO:

  1. Doing.
  2. Done.


hurry, health, swindle, get on, take effect, serve up, gyp, imperative, enter into, lay, act, quit, pee, sic, format, carry out, make a difference, put to death, foofaraw, make out, come in, transact, proceed, A, playact, imitation, explore, dish, copulate, have intercourse, fulfil, apply, come on, forge ahead, bed, come along, have sex, comport, bluster, attend to, use, progress to, jell, need, bring to pass, wait on, uproar, Doctor of Osteopathy, dress, ride, enact, butter, burden, conjure, take in, victimize, cut back, participate, gain, office, love, Afro, shade, black tie, swear out, crop, get along, hurly, dish up, decorate, time, get dressed, spot, oversee, alarums and excursions, pee-pee, devoir, manage, descend, defecate, keep, C, succeed, lay out, pother, entertain, pick up after, handle, countersink, build, ut, issue, issue forth, play-act, gear up, hubble-bubble, instruction, get ahead, appear, welter, convert, wield, grapple, clatter, stir, clip, spend the night with someone, reply, blind date, imitate, work out, ready, engage in, begin, screw, roll in the hay, thrive, commit, practise, puddle, exercise, minister to, carry through, take a shit, bring in, position, realise, correct, join, wangle, auxiliary, get, actualize, cozen, garment, spend a penny, shindy, journey, draw, garb, bake, make believe, sort out, free-for-all, raiment, hurricane, fun, bustle, fuss, become, fructify, go about, get to, localise, tidy, cover, hump, piss, play, bobbery, jazz, throw, line up, moil, shift, ruction, fix up, incumbency, nominate, bass, kerfuffle, williwaw, come up with, brush, illustrate, place, call, coiffe, call on, make do, clean, chill, answer, squall, bring about, plant, derive, get-together, take part (in something), limit, close, tumult, commitment, work, take, score, sleep together, hoopla, action, perpetrate, act as, represent, bobbed, hitch, take a leak, beat, fend, stew, cater to, evening, binge, execute, pull off, bonk, come into play, attend, conjugation, responsibility, bother, pandemonium, cause, form, come over, contend, finish, amuse, complete, word, reception, habilitate, direction, mark, OD, bring off, mimic, be connected with, portray, practice, butcher, clear, realize, double flat, induce, dress up, have it away, treat, bear, come, doh, blast, set up, seem, fill out, hitchhike, behave, row, beehive, piddle, carve, relieve oneself, lop, rig, enclothe, dissemble, extemporize, create, ca-ca, achieve, apparel, pretend, impact, attain, care for, pursue, go around, resource, name, interact, come up, honest, well-being, debut, ill health, dramatize, cheat, visit, B, serve well, discharge, get in on, send up, primp, urinate, defraud, blanch, accomplish, shape, go down, dinner party, parody, trim, go, injunction, arrive, decipher, get by, suffice, whirl, discern, fill in, keep pace (with), figure out, provide, muddle through, braid, occur, superintend, arrange, supply, construct, amount, turn into, disturbance, shindig, do it, be intimate with someone, diversify, order, helter-skelter, rehearse, pull in, put, clean out, buzz cut, D, equip, carry, deal, to-do, reach, clean up, exert, the first person, change, function, have, affect, localize, the conditional, bring out, groom, impersonate, bash, determine, stage, move, jump into bed with someone, care, respond, bilk, obey, dress out, leave behind, duty, commandment, blend, crotchet, paint, mulct, look in, rumpus, drop, know, fare, powwow, bun, bone, be, neck, add up, excess, shuttle, belt, dictate, get it on, pick up, break through, recognize, chord, coil, competition, coif, cope, coffee klatch, number, put in, hullabaloo, distinguish, change into, service, go into, hoo-ha, trace, behest, ado, chignon, involve, straighten up, sleep with, fall, splore, total, micturate, jack up, join in, fulfill, stool, consummate, the active, smash, get laid, abuse, clear out, bang, drop by, flimflam, furor, brawl, hail, recognise, earn, cut, prepare, produce, curry, chisel, emcee, shape up, caricature, concern, state, have a go at it, present, constitute, end, typeset, furore, decree, go under, establish, adjust, redraw, pass water, substitute, tog, see, condition, keep up, make, blowout, drill, sit in on, come down, have it off, travel, haircut, finagle, coiffure, lace, demean, fringe, hit, lie with, resolve, run, congeal, roleplay, suit, pay someone/something a visit/call, arrive at, specify, fete, take a crap, perform, solve, make water, tell apart, bob, hairstyle, define, hurry-scurry, fit out, blather, done, hubbub, copula, cruise, hurly-burly, bangs, wee, progress, mental health, effect, swing by, masquerade, stick, aspect, get on with, conclude, alter, directive, dope, cook, satisfy, seduce, prune, ruckus, tend, supervise, rook, be intimate, fitness, advance, clothe, commute, put on, knock, stimulate, wee-wee, preen, garnish, diddle, company, carry off, pose as, conduct, constitution, set, ballyhoo, gull, universal time, make love, hold, tour, sketch, etch, the future, turmoil, plod along, go on, pick out, zoo, offer, clutter, butchery, negociate, edict, sting, implement, lay down, fix, corroboree, ingest, give, dish out, wellness, rough out, write out, follow, affair, auxiliary verb, performing arts, deal with, make up, help, shit, ingestion, eff, get along with, ape, plume, assist, storm, crap, event, deport, serve, prosecute, outpace, snip, pose, charge, acquit, process.

Usage examples: