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Definition of do in:

Synonyms for do in:

frazzle, desolate, lay waste to, wash out, glom, bump off, fatigue, cheat, counteract, scourge, hose, wear, con, knock out, cop, wrack, fell, drain, pay off, burn out, ware, pulverize, decimate, vaporize, toss off, neutralize, blow, dash off, flimflam, cream, waste, weary, harass, hook, bust, screw, nuke, stiff, shake down, take, counterbalance, smash, shatter, carry off, ruin, emaciate, diddle, devastate, swindle, do, countervail, chouse, rip off, wreck, run off, bilk, pine away, ream, do up, ravage, exhaust, skunk, rub out, skin, fag, take out, gyp, tire, nobble, break, gaff, scratch off, short, annihilate, put away, rook, extinguish, stick, overtax, chisel, thieve, snitch, take someone's life, hustle, total, walk someone's feet off, claim, pluck, fiddle, knock-off, tucker, victimize, macerate, off, sucker, languish, thimblerig, terminate, drop, rot, beat, fling off, whack, liquidate, consume, raze, squander, pull down, nullify, squeeze, cozen, shave, wear out, bleed, demolish, tear down, finish off, mulct, take it out of you, neutralise, defraud, outwear, negate, croak, destroy, euchre, get, sting, shortchange.