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Definition of dog:

  1. A fellow; - used humorously or contemptuously; as, a sly dog; a lazy dog.
  2. A grappling iron, with a claw or claws, for fastening into wood or other heavy articles, for the purpose of raising or moving them.
  3. A mean, worthless fellow; a wretch.
  4. A piece in machinery acting as a catch or clutch; especially, the carrier of a lathe, also, an adjustable stop to change motion, as in a machine tool.
  5. A quadruped of the genus Canis, esp. the domestic dog ( C. familiaris).
  6. An iron for holding wood in a fireplace; a firedog; an andiron.
  7. An iron with fangs fastening a log in a saw pit, or on the carriage of a sawmill.
  8. One of the two constellations, Canis Major and Canis Minor, or the Greater and the Lesser Dog. Canis Major contains the Star ( Sirius).
  9. To hunt or track like a hound; to follow insidiously or indefatigably; to chase with a dog or dogs; to worry, as if by dogs; to hound with importunity.


reprimand, chuck, nerd, pill, shadow, boar, hound, dross, shit, reject, crud, bleeder, blame, andiron, hotdog, frump, fink, ugly duckling, sleazebag, red hot, Canis Familiaris, louse, get over, deride, rotter, chuff, corn dog, mark, frank, remonstrate, snitch, go after, heel, joker, shack, denigrate, difficulty, whelp, trouble, buck, rubbish, trash, rat fink, wienerwurst, buzzard, minger, hold back, tyke, stinkard, cutlet, stick to, train, dock, stool pigeon, trail, boor, canine, alpha male, drag, bad luck, wiener, cover, parody, rascal, scumbag, domestic dog, give chase, product, rebuke, sight, toad, crap, cad, individual, slob, bounder, brisket, chase, click, dag, computer-aided design, sleazeball, bigmouth, public nuisance, tail, public enemy number one, pooch, chase after, blighter, quest for, chump, drop back, varmint, slimeball, vermin, embarrass, put down, leaper, pup, cross, inhibit, horror, troll, firedog, criticize, schmuck, Rover, grass, boy, a pathetic/poor/sad excuse for something, yob, chamfer, reproach, bitch, creep, breast, type, get across, let down, snake, hot dog, bird-dog, Jekyll and Hyde, detent, furrow, plague, churl, weenie, mongrel, cock, clown, find fault with, hard life, stray, count against, billy goat, chuck steak, frankfurter, dog-iron, species, throttle, hag, traverse, drop behind, quest after, blackguard, cretin, sleaze, scuzzball, informant, informer, nark, beast, bring up against, poverty, cut through, slime, an apology for something, pawl, so-and-so, mixture, reptile, scum, hang back, man's best friend, pass over, bob, cut across, sod, chamfer, bugger, dogiron, cut, get behind, bull, character, cur, Fido, sneak, crumb, dirtbag, chop, label, stinker, clink, original, hound dog, grotesque, burden, bastard, mouse click, suction stop, beefsteak, scamp, precede, know-all, loudmouth, lout, disadvantage, track, tag, doggy, (the) scum of the earth, follow around, variety, puppy, cockerel, bullock.

Usage examples:

  • My dear boy, any dog ought to know the way there.

    - "A Dear Little Girl at School", Amy E. Blanchard.
  • What's that you say, you dog?

    - "The Progressionists, and Angela.", Conrad von Bolanden.
  • Leave your dog outside.

    - "Mark Twain, A Biography, 1835-1910, Complete The Personal And Literary Life Of Samuel Langhorne Clemens", Albert Bigelow Paine Last Updated: February 20, 2009.