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Definition of dogged:

  1. of Dog
  2. Sullen; morose.
  3. Sullenly obstinate; obstinately determined or persistent; as, dogged resolution; dogged work.


intransigent, ill-humored, acrimonious, adamantine, glowering, coherent, resist, sedulous, dour, immovable, haunting, crabbed, driven, churlish, mulish, unappeasable, pigheaded, surly, pat, perverse, tenacious, moody, morose, snappish, long, recollective, hardheaded, motivated, ossified, hardened, gloomy, sullen, crusty, severe, unyielding, splenetic, forbidding, opinionated, self-willed, retentive, stiff-necked, hard-nosed, unrelenting, adamant, stubborn, glum, pertinacious, ambitious, ill-natured, inflexible, sour, saturnine, competitive, self-opinionated, willful, grim, sulky, gruff, study at stubborn, purposeful, bulldog, inconvincible, lasting, dark, patient.

Usage examples: