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Definition of dogmatic:

  1. Alt. of Dogmatical
  2. One of an ancient sect of physicians who went by general principles; - opposed to the Empiric.


dogmatical, arrogant, unerring, inevitable, controlling, formal, compulsive, bigoted, haughty, obdurate, emphatic, downright, stiff-necked, exacting, uncertain, narrow-minded, lordly, eternal, pigheaded, systematic, dictatorial, immovable, flexible, over, opinionated, magisterial, despotic, ex cathedra, autocratic, theoretical, unconditional, absolute, irresponsible, categorical, bullheaded, irresolute, insistent, overbearing, wrongheaded, fanatical, authoritative, definite, oracular, confident, hard-shell, determined, masterful, obstinate, imperative, arbitrary, egotistical, pushy, canonical, unequivocal, tolerant, hidebound, doctrinaire, domineering, compulsory, unqualified, tyrannical, ability, coercive, narrow, axiomatic, stubborn, one-sided, commanding, imperious, pontifical, supreme, positive, intolerant, unchangeable, peremptory, bossy, authoritarian, dubious.

Usage examples: