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Definition of dole:

  1. A boundary; a landmark.
  2. A void space left in tillage.
  3. Alms; charitable gratuity or portion.
  4. Distribution; dealing; apportionment.
  5. grief; sorrow; lamentation.
  6. See Dolus.
  7. That which is dealt out; a part, share, or portion also, a scanty share or allowance.
  8. To deal out in small portions; to distribute, as a dole; to deal out scantily or grudgingly.


the social, philanthropy, public assistance, assisted living, benefit, quantum, divvy, allowance, quota, almsgiving, parcel out, allotment, pogy, portion, relief, split, welfare, relief, measure, aid, welfare, gift, cut, child benefit, divide, social security, aid, child support, part, means test, collect, pogey, allocation, lot, allotment, handout.

Usage examples: