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Definition of domain:

  1. Dominion; empire; authority.
  2. Landed property; estate; especially, the land about the mansion house of a lord, and in his immediate occupancy; demesne.
  3. Ownership of land; an estate or patrimony which one has in his own right; absolute proprietorship; paramount or sovereign ownership.
  4. The territory over which dominion or authority is exerted; the possessions of a sovereign or commonwealth, or the like. Also used figuratively.


landed estate, playing area, scope, range, field of force, surface area, sphere of influence, humanity, knowledge base, compass, globe, landing field, res publica, land, subject, cranial orbit, scene of action, field of honor, body politic, universe, field of study, earthly concern, solid ground, existence, eye socket, theater of operations, orbit, reality, man, public, demesne, bag, mankind, human race, subject field, humans, theatre, farming, soil, line of business, populace, sports stadium, expanse, creation, macrocosm, champaign, dry land, study, world, athletic field, terrain, acres, orbital cavity, electron orbit, commonwealth, worldly concern, vault of heaven, domain of a function, terra firma, earth, humankind, realm, discipline, subject area, celestial orbit, arena, department, field of view, force field, flying field, heavens, celestial sphere, airfield, sphere, reach, region, battleground, stadium, firmament, playing field, knowledge domain, field of operation, bowl, theatre of operations, field, area, scene, welkin, ambit, plain, human beings, empyrean, field of operations, field of battle, specialty, cosmos.

Usage examples: