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Definition of downfall:

  1. A sudden descent from rank or state, reputation or happiness; destruction; ruin.
  2. A sudden fall; a body of things falling.


hurriedness, drop, descent, pin, degradation, degeneration, trouble, nightfall, nuisance, disturbance, dip, downslope, dilapidation, demise, twilight, ascent, ruin, cloudburst, decadence, help, hurry, capitulation, wrecking, death, tumble, issue, fall, free fall, deluge, dégringolade, trials and tribulations, declension, problem, downgrade, wet, storm, hastiness, Götterdämmerung, eclipse, destruction, devolution, downpour, rise, rainstorm, come out, climb, bankrupt, precipitation, flameout, undoing, gloam, baggage, burden, down, gloaming, acquire, degeneracy, bane, crepuscle, ruining, difficulty, declination, deterioration, evenfall, declivity, destroyer, disestablish, ebb, descend, laying waste, crepuscule, rainfall, thrive, wrecker, dusk, comedown, hardship, spill, beggar, autumn, surrender, haste, decline, ruination.

Usage examples: