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Definition of dramatic:

  1. Alt. of Dramatical


melodramatic, opposite, exotic, bodacious, style, outstanding, exhilarating, surprise, stagy, theatrical, remarkable, impressive, salient, catchy, Thespian, alive, prominent, enthralling, amazing, fast, eye-catching, conspicuous, performing arts, pronounced, method acting, commanding, grand, dramaturgic, surprising, brilliant, dark, astonishing, bold, bombastic, kenspeckle, marked, operatic, acting, rep, thrilling, on, compelling, noisy, in, trophy, exciting, grabby, eventful, hammy, staggering, climactic, striking, moving, excite, go up, spectacular, earth-shattering, bling, grandly, histrionical, arresting, emphatic, dramaturgical, extraordinary, phenomenal, flash, unexpected.

Usage examples: