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Definition of dramatise:

  1. To adapt to, or fit for, the stage.


fill out, dramatize, embroider, blow one's stack, flip one's wig, puff up, blow a fuse, bolster, aggrandize, take in, lard, lose one's temper, detonate, take over, magnify, fancify, puff out, adopt, go ballistic, assume, tramp, hit the ceiling, follow, embellish, blow up, acquire, deck, grace, slog, sweep up, hit the roof, decorate, set off, flip one's lid, beautify, have kittens, combust, take on, amplify, throw a fit, adorn, ornament, aggrandise, puff, inflate, enlarge, expand, broider, pad, plod, trudge, take up, explode, embrace, footslog, fly off the handle, borrow, take, prettify, have a fit, espouse.

Usage examples: