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Definition of draw back:

Synonyms for draw back:

kip down, burst open, bed, disengage, undo, take, take out, pull back, turn in, call back, recall, swallow, back, unfold, fall back, draw, sequestrate, remove, hit the hay, force, sack out, strike out, unsay, hit the sack, part, scatter, retrograde, try, backtrack, pull in one's horns, shrink back, lose, drop off, call in, abjure, unscrew, move back, retract, go to sleep, back out, draw in, sequester, back away, crack something open, draw off, retreat, crawfish, crawl in, put out, withdraw, recede, go to bed, seclude, pull away, pry, adjourn, take back, unlock, shrink, open up, fall behind, take away, resile, recant, forswear, stand aside, retire, bow out, crawfish out.