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Definition of draw in:

Synonyms for draw in:

inclose, describe, delineate, choke, arrive, trace, make it, kink, depict, move in, rend, twilight, convince, bring in, realize, pull back, persuade, force, perpetrate, inhale, get in, get, pull, tear, curl, coil, motivate, take in, recant, breathe, disembowel, land, break, close in, pull up, take out, rip, pluck, sunset, loop, suck, get out, draw out, overstretch, displume, realise, encourage, draw off, move into, suck in, make, deplume, shrink back, abjure, run, night falls, root for, gulp, drag, eviscerate, guide, resile, shut in, withdraw, curl up, wave, dawn, sigh, draw, commit, go far, earn, enter, retract, cast, appeal, go in, dissuade, clear, tie, pull out, prod, catch your breath, sop up, soak up, draw back, get into, reach, entice, blow, fight for breath, reap, collect, draw and quarter, pull in, string, come in, appear, urge on, forswear, extract, curve, go into, deplumate, gain, sunrise, gasp, spur, thread, prevail on, pass, attract, imbibe, absorb, line, quarter, take up, rive, suck up, puff, enclose.