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Definition of draw off:

Synonyms for draw off:

take out, back out, pluck, bring off, swallow, eviscerate, sequester, imbibe, get, pass, carry off, absorb, excerpt, unsay, recall, bow out, draw away, blot, string, move back, dehydrate, seclude, mop, take in, puff, delineate, make, bleed, tie, force, suck up, take away, ask out, pull out, get out, pull in one's horns, run, pull off, dry off, dry, retire, attract, depict, express, aspirate, pull in, back away, draw back, tweak, cast, drag, suck, call in, crawfish, draw and quarter, negociate, retreat, crawfish out, pull back, call back, withdraw, move out, thread, extract, reap, omit, pull, soak up, pick off, leave off, describe, disembowel, drain, take up, manage, invite out, guide, pull away, sop up, unpack, draw, sequestrate, remove, adjourn, draw in, draw out, except, take back, trace, disengage, quarter, line, recede, pull up, take, exclude, buy food, leave out.