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Definition of dreamy:

  1. Abounding in dreams or given to dreaming; appropriate to, or like, dreams; visionary.


unergetic, dashing, fabulous, black, practical, fanciful, marvelous, luscious, active, personable, tranquilizing, pleasing, wonderful, agreeable, terrific, dim, enjoyable, calming, bug-eyed, real, dark, delicious, bleak, abstracted, cool, ridiculous, dreamlike, moonlit, woolgathering, indefinite, good, quieting, down-to-earth, delectable, irrational, heavenly, romantic, indistinct, childish, keen, intangible, charming, restful, narcotic, attractive, elegant, gratifying, nice, misty, splendid, nifty, soft, beatific, delightful, darling, moony, idealistic, fantastical, tremendous, unreal, palatable, pretty, savory, extreme, felicitous, perverse, congenial, daydreaming, phantasmagoric, great, whimsical, divine, superb, quiet, brooding, quixotic, lulling, curious, unreasonable, engaging, lackadaisical, satisfying, groovy, hot, inattentive, sweet, appealing, introspective, lovable, grateful, irresponsible, dandy, sensational, blessed, glamorous, hysterical, relaxing, super, ripping, pleasurable, illusory, vague, languorous, otherworldly, jolly, comforting, telegenic, dulcet, starry-eyed, lethargic, languid, delightsome, soothing, absurd, wrong, utopian, welcome, darkly, tasty, swell, sedative, visionary, pacifying, neat, impractical, glorious, musing.

Usage examples: