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Definition of drench:

  1. A drink; a draught; specifically, a potion of medicine poured or forced down the throat; also, a potion that causes purging.
  2. A military vassal mentioned in Domesday Book.
  3. To cause to drink; especially, to dose by force; to put a potion down the throat of, as of a horse; hence. to purge violently by physic.
  4. To steep in moisture; to wet thoroughly; to soak; to saturate with water or other liquid; to immerse.


overcharge, soak through, hock, sodden, inebriate, plunge, dunk, douse, hit it up, wet, dip, plume, fleece, gazump, wet, sop, pawn, study at soak, rob, imbrue, pluck, soak, put out, duck, intoxicate, hook, souse, swamp, dowse, surcharge, dry.

Usage examples: