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Definition of dress up:

Synonyms for dress up:

get up, gussy up, deck, barde, clip, idealize, overclothe, mask, invest, slip into, lift, fig up, follow-the-leader, try on, prepare, garb, elevate, enclothe, spruce up, trick out, do up, cram, rig, gown, toilet, dodge ball, put on the dog, habit, bring up, suit, catch, clothe, dude up, overstate, vesture, put on, dignify, rig out, drum, doll up, swot up, raiment, coiffure, double dutch, cut back, cloak, snip, arrange, hide-and-seek, swot, magnify, rise, crop, talk up, groom, fit out, raise, enhance, turn out, tog, coif, tog up, wrap up, dress, fig out, wear, cover up, blind man's buff, decorate, pull on, trim, caparison, preen, dress out, get dressed, fancy up, stand up, arise, candy, line up, inflate, array, set, bone up, glorify, overplay, camouflage, play up, primp, window-dress, organise, do, garment, exaggerate, bard, habilitate, curry, robe, lop, attire, costume, garnish, work up, uprise, prune, game, prink, tog out, dress for dinner, coiffe, spiff up, organize, bedeck, devise, machinate, grind away, mug up, overdress, plume, apparel, trick up, chicken, deck up, cat's cradle, bone, enrobe, deck out, fix up.