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Definition of dresser:

  1. A cupboard or set of shelves to receive dishes and cooking utensils.
  2. A kind of pick for shaping large coal.
  3. A piece of chamber furniture consisting of a chest of drawers, or bureau, with a mirror.
  4. A table or bench on which meat and other things are dressed, or prepared for use.
  5. An assistant in a hospital, whose office it is to dress wounds, sores, etc.
  6. One who dresses; one who put in order or makes ready for use; one who on clothes or ornaments.


actor's assistant, office, emptiness, beau, government agency, dressing table, conceit, chest of drawers, projectionist, stagehand, costumier, blade, bureau, fop, chest, toilet table, breast, authority, pectus, usher, usherette, self-love, prompter, dweeb, vanity, metrosexual, clotheshorse, coxcomb, dag, federal agency, furniture, dandy, stock company, art director, amour propre, conceitedness, thorax, agency.

Usage examples: