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Definition of droll:

  1. One whose practice it is to raise mirth by odd tricks; a jester; a buffoon; a merry- andrew.
  2. Queer, and fitted to provoke laughter; ludicrous from oddity; amusing and strange.
  3. Something exhibited to raise mirth or sport, as a puppet, a farce, and the like.
  4. To jest; to play the buffoon.
  5. To lead or influence by jest or trick; to banter or jest; to cajole.
  6. To make a jest of; to set in a comical light.


curious, laughable, grotesque, singular, eccentric, bizarre, preposterous, zany, strange, queer, unique, laughter, fantastic, quaint, erratic, ludicrous, humourous, ridiculous, humorous, extraordinary, unusual, anomalous, uncommon, whimsical, amusing, risible, comic, crotchety, unmatched, study at funny, odd, peculiar.

Usage examples: