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Definition of drollery:

  1. A lively or comic picture.
  2. A puppet show; also, a puppet.
  3. Something which serves to raise mirth
  4. The quality of being droll; sportive tricks; buffoonery; droll stories; comical gestures or manners.


playfulness, witticism, waggishness, waggery, jocularity, fun, comedy, humor, harlequinade, jocosity, pleasantry, joke, facetiousness, comicality, laughter, ludicrousness, prank, funniness, banter, raillery, buffoonery, drollness, comicalness, farcicality, humorousness, wit, jocoseness, japery, wittiness, ridiculousness, frivolity, jest, clowning, zaniness, burlesque.

Usage examples: