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Definition of droopy:

Synonyms for droopy:

forlorn, cascade, declined, mournful, inclining, descendant, crestfallen, down, despondent, nodding, descending, downcast, low-spirited, inconsolable, doleful, flagging, saddened, glum, hang out, dangle, bad, cernuous, hang, hanging, wretched, hung, woebegone, melancholic, heartsore, melancholy, string, gloomy, dejected, brokenhearted, drooping, miserable, declining, stooping, unhappy, lank, downhearted, hangdog, sorry, heartsick, pendulous, floppy, suspend, sling, droop, down in the mouth, heavyhearted, cast down, lax, joyless, weeping, heartbroken, bowed, sorrowful, sagging, low, disconsolate, woeful, bowing, yielding.

Usage examples: