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Definition of drop out:

Synonyms for drop out:

lay off, interject, board, give up, dispense with, interpose, throw overboard, part with, free, kick, cease, audit, relinquish, live on, follow, entrance, absenteeism, throw in, renounce, abandon, waive, forgo, enrollment, live, cede, quit, come in, spare, live by, attendance, forfeit, absence, throw in the towel, inject, put in, go without, forego, take leave, step down, lead, live out your life, allow, deliver, enroll, release, fall by the wayside, manage, surrender, stop, drop by the wayside, foreswear, attend, chuck up the sponge, discontinue, vacate, room, resign, leave office, depart.

  • withdraw (part of speech: verb)