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Definition of dry:

  1. Characterized by a quality somewhat severe, grave, or hard; hence, sharp; keen; shrewd; quaint; as, a dry tone or manner; dry wit.
  2. Destitute of that which interests or amuses; barren; unembellished; jejune; plain.
  3. Exhibiting a sharp, frigid preciseness of execution, or the want of a delicate contour in form, and of easy transition in coloring.
  4. Free from moisture; having little humidity or none; arid; not wet or moist; deficient in the natural or normal supply of moisture, as rain or fluid of any kind; - said especially: ( a) Of the weather: Free from rain or mist.
  5. Of animals: Not giving milk; as, the cow is dry.
  6. Of certain morbid conditions, in which there is entire or comparative absence of moisture; as, dry gangrene; dry catarrh.
  7. Of persons: Thirsty; needing drink.
  8. Of the eyes: Not shedding tears.
  9. Of vegetable matter: Free from juices or sap; not succulent; not green; as, dry wood or hay.
  10. To evaporate wholly; to be exhaled; - said of moisture, or a liquid; - sometimes with up; as, the stream dries, or dries up.
  11. To grow dry; to become free from wetness, moisture, or juice; as, the road dries rapidly.
  12. To make dry; to free from water, or from moisture of any kind, and by any means; to exsiccate; as, to dry the eyes; to dry one's tears; the wind dries the earth; to dry a wet cloth; to dry hay.
  13. To shrivel or wither; to lose vitality.


flash-freeze, droughty, turn over to, dry up, sapless, depleted, acid, cloud, unclubbable, atomize, corner, standoff, sterile, dry-eyed, desiccated, rasping, stupid, stone-cold sober, bottle, agape, ho-hum, ironic, rainless, irksome, hose, unstimulating, aloof, amusing, humorous, young, drudging, creamy, squirt, froth, boil up, unsociable, jarring, simple, sober, teetotal, teetotaler, on the wagon, leaden, prohibited, fall silent, impassive, not touch a drop, deserted, lifeless, crispy, bubble, excite, standoffish, hard, acidulous, thirsty, jading, bursting, gingivitis, papery, unexciting, wring, dying of boredom/hunger/thirst etc., cure, moist, unvarnished, priceless, arid, black, dry-shod, drained, temperance, chewy, saturate, shut up, remote, sun-baked, ironical, athirst, hoarse, can, hush, biting, flavorless, sardonic, thirst, restricted, treeless, lusterless, raspy, corked, cold, furry, unimaginative, squawky, the dry season, crap, weariful, brush, clear out, straight, plain, clean out, evacuate, barren, sour, lackluster, straighten up, bake, decaffeinated, boil away, aseptic, unsweet, solid, homogenize, unemotional, distant, tearless, antisocial, naive, dust bowl, pick up, sec, dampen, rainproof, sort out, humourous, wet, earthbound, inexperienced, carbonated, heavy, numbing, egestion, stodgy, grating, attitude, falter, colorless, dried-out, scratchy, wry, caramelized, raucous, jejune, trivial, bald, mind-numbing, crude, defecate, juiceless, dusty, bowel movement, sere, weary, adust, taste, dry out, scorched, chilled, anhydrous, detached, drab, tame, unproductive, effervescent, desert, clean, hold your tongue, wearying, Adam's apple, wipe up, semiarid, withered, full-bodied, playful, buttoned-up, bedwetting, ponderous, offish, matter-of-fact, fail, sear, clean up, scaly, dried, drear, buttery, cynical, prohibitionist, dried-up, break down, brut, boil over, pick up after, epiglottis, milkless, tiring, drinkable, freeze, parched, tangy, rough, wild, shrivelled, dribble, calorific, cold-eyed, uninspired, clam up, cream, hysterical, asocial, acetous, constipated, hilarious, satirical, clear, dehydration, flat, waterproof, irradiate, strident, tinder-dry, spiritless, baked, slow, boil, athirst, moistureless, stale, bone dry, salty, waterless, acerb, gargle, stuffy, alcoholic, tidy, sign/take the pledge, soak, monochromatic, run dry, drought, old, keep your mouth shut, sunbaked, shriveled, bare, pedestrian, constipation, bite your tongue/lip, moisten, comic, unadorned.

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