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Definition of duff:

  1. A stiff flour pudding, boiled in a bag; - a term used especially by seamen; as, plum duff.
  2. Dough or paste.
  3. In Australia, to alter the brands on ( cattle, horses, etc.); to steal ( cattle, etc.), and alter their brands.
  4. To treat or manipulate so as to give a specious appearance to; to fake; hence, to cheat.


hunkers, tush, brownie, seat, bottom, biscuit, rump, can, behind, derriere, ass, cake, cone, bum, posterior, cake mix, fundament, hams, cheek, fanny, buttock, cheeks, nates, rear, cheesecake, heinie, rear end, haunches, butt, booty, Christmas cake, baking sheet, chocolate chip cookie, keister, backside, breech, tail end, buns, caboose, plum duff, bun, tail.

Usage examples: