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Definition of dump:

  1. A car or boat for dumping refuse, etc.
  2. A dull, gloomy state of the mind; sadness; melancholy; low spirits; despondency; ill humor; - now used only in the plural.
  3. A ground or place for dumping ashes, refuse, etc.
  4. A melancholy strain or tune in music; any tune.
  5. A pile of ore or rock.
  6. A thick, ill- shapen piece; a clumsy leaden counter used by boys in playing chuck farthing.
  7. Absence of mind; revery.
  8. An old kind of dance.
  9. That which is dumped.
  10. To knock heavily; to stump.
  11. To put or throw down with more or less of violence; hence, to unload from a cart by tilting it; as, to dump sand, coal, etc.


tip, close out, background processing, eradicate, sty, adorn, dustman, leave, replace, chuck, hellhole, scrapheap, embellish, sanitary landfill, unlade, coldcock, throw out, break off, cocksucker, pull down, wasteyard, discard pile, diddly-squat, nonproliferation, dive, pit, hawk, arsenal, rubbish pile, immerse, turd, plunge, bedight, retail, shove, refuse heap, cesspit, dumping ground, push down, plop, dumpsite, douse, jungle, launch, remove, sell out, ditch, sell off, bullshit, jettison, sump, browse, soak up, floor, garbage dump, finish with, drop, capture, grace, hovel, authoring, engulf, throw, toxic waste dump, darn, oppress, bomb disposal, tinker's damn, damn, back up, ABEND, shambles, A-D conversion, shed, dispose of, decorate, absorb, cut off, deterrence, underprice, magazine, steep, do someone wrong, diddley, pigsty, burn in, jack, shove around, dogshit, junk, carry, arms race, dip, kick around, down, midden, archive, landfill, break up, depot, AI, city dump, batch, discard, unload, author, put in, disposal, take aback, arms control, bastard, shit, ball over, deck, squat, bull, trench, hole, auction, whoreson, beautify, blow out of the water, bedeck, souse, dunk, trash dump, tinker's dam, trample, diddly-shit, curbside collection, grind down, burn, call up, bomb site, artificial intelligence, garbage disposal, shucks, access time, son of a bitch, throw away, block, rubbish dump, engross, cesspool, cut down, clap, discharge, diddlyshit, mistreat, binman, defriend, junkyard, split up, waste-yard, asshole, slap, scrap, diddlysquat, amnesty, diddly, disarmament, alpha test, decommission, do away with, reject, slum, shock, blast, crap, authentication, sell, eliminate, knock down, shite, peddle, dickhead, access, dirt, fall out, prick, hoot, bonfire, stick, stock, hit out, red cent, move, push, abuse, toss, garbage collector, disarm, doodly-squat, shuck, keep, plunk, rubbish heap, junk pile, horseshit, disburden, ash heap, poop.

Usage examples: