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Definition of dumpy:

  1. Short and thick; of low stature and disproportionately stout.
  2. Sullen or discontented.


seedy, dilapidated, thickset, lowset, run-down, neglected, tacky, chubby, beat-up, stumpy, sleazy, stocky, buxom, low-set, scruffy, underslung, stout, chunky, ratty, big, podgy, roly-poly, moth-eaten, tatty, tumbledown, thick, miserable, heavyset, obese, stubby, down-at-the-heels, pudgy, tatterdemalion, plump, blocky, short, stodgy, grungy, fat, bombed-out, squatty, dog-eared, mean, ample, overweight, threadbare, mangy, squat, scrubby, compact, timeworn, lumpy, tubby.

Usage examples: