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Definition of dung:

  1. of Ding
  2. The excrement of an animal.
  3. To immerse or steep, as calico, in a bath of hot water containing cow dung; - done to remove the superfluous mordant.
  4. To manure with dung.
  5. To void excrement.


droppings, poop, slops, slime, night soil, evidence, guano, scat, compost, muck, cowchip, manure, spoor, ordure, fertilizer, soil, cowpat, ooze, pellets, faeces, buttons, feces, goop, filth, crap, cowflop, sludge, goo, gook, cowpie, gunk, dirt, road apples, guck, sewage, leavings, garbage, excretion, chips, excreta, slop, waste, pancakes, doo-doo, excrement.

Usage examples: