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Definition of eat up:

Synonyms for eat up:

murder, get down to, swallow, wrap up, eliminate, sweep away, eat on, bite, carry off, expel, remove, clear up, discharge, nurse, sink, squander, absorb, steep, slay, like, dispatch, off, obliterate, experience, devour, finish, withdraw, finish up, sap, work through, hitchhike, cancel out, down, consume, hitch, deplete, commute, inhume, like the sound of something, mop up, entomb, corrode, shuttle, overflow, exhaust, beat, eat into, eat, champ, immerse, hit, let yourself go, can't get enough of something, get through, use up, quite like/enjoy something, go down, cease, lay to rest, occupy, forget, not be averse to something, unsay, play out, ware, feel, stop, tucker, tucker out, adore, kill, give up to, finish off, choke down, be one for (doing) something, wash up, get down, run out, take back, chomp, have, plunge, eject, accept, rust, decimate, engulf, love, polish off, bump off, go through, cannibalize, crunch, extinguish, complete, cruise, terminate, fetch up, walk away with, burn, bolt, dig, soak up, ride, live with, run down, cover, swallow up, tire, engross, wipe out, go, come up, take, feed, annihilate, chow down, possess, wind up, run through, erase, eat it up, ingest, tingle, release, end up, take in, inter, waste, land up, end, demolish, bury, eradicate.