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Definition of economical:

  1. Managed with frugality; not marked with waste or extravagance; frugal; - said of acts; saving; as, an economical use of money or of time.
  2. Managing with frugality; guarding against waste or unnecessary expense; careful and frugal in management and in expenditure; - said of character or habits.
  3. Pertaining to the household; domestic.
  4. Regulative; relating to the adaptation of means to an end.
  5. Relating to domestic economy, or to the management of household affairs.
  6. Relating to the means of living, or the resources and wealth of a country; relating to political economy; as, economic purposes; economical truths.


close, tight, careful, frugal, niggardly, economic, closefisted, saving, watchful, conservative, provident, low-cost, meager, generous, penny-pinching, stinting, liberal, mean, save, fair, efficient, circumspect, scotch, miserly, shabby, practical, avaricious, sparing, canny, sound, chary, penurious, thrifty.

Usage examples: