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Definition of economics:

  1. Political economy; the science of the utilities or the useful application of wealth or material resources. See Political economy, under Political.
  2. The science of household affairs, or of domestic management.


economy of scarcity, microeconomics, gold standard, bad money drives out good, socioeconomics, deflation, free-enterprise economy, sound money, economic principles, principles of industry, distribution, economy of abundance, doctrine of rents, business cycle, production for use, finance, depression, financial theory science of the production, protective tariff, guns or butter economics, commercial theory, cheap money, principles of business, development of public wealth, Marxian economics, business theory, theory of the marginal producer, Laffer Curve, stagflation, business, Keynesian economics, public economy, bimetallism, supply-side economics, controlled economy, cooperative buying and marketing, cost of living index, input-output model, principles of finance, inflation, mass production, financial principles, corporate state, market economy, trade deficit, economic science, consumer price index, free trade, economic theory, science of wealth, trickle-down theory, fiat money, political economy, recession, law of supply and demand, fair trade, Reaganomics, supply and demand, theory of trade, macroeconomics, and consumption of goods and services, collective bargaining, laissez faire, Ricardian economics, right to work, the dismal science, study of industry.

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