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Definition of effectuate:

  1. To bring to pass; to effect; to achieve; to accomplish; to fulfill.


pitch, stir, catalyze, establish, do, tack together, yield, bring on, bring about, draw on, put, tack, make, execute, instal, fix, rig, put together, order, trigger, ready, spawn, effect, piece, result in, secure, raise, carry through, occasion, produce, set, prepare, gear up, engender, arrange, swing, set up, induce, lay out, breed, found, result, beget, touch off, frame, ingenerate, ensnare, erect, prompt, lead to, cause, launch, rear, bring, carry out, assemble, work, put through, set off, bring off, install, translate, put up, put in, invoke, start, generate, create, entrap.

Usage examples: