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Definition of egress:

  1. The act of going out or leaving, or the power to leave; departure.
  2. The passing off from the sun's disk of an inferior planet, in a transit.
  3. To go out; to depart; to leave.


military issue, progeny, fall out, bulge, step to the fore, publish, takings, subject, go away, come forth, result, cut, take, step forward, proceeds, start, escape, effect, turn up, emergence, bug out, payoff, break through, turn out, event, issue, issuing, out, outgrowth, topic, pop out, place, push through, come forward, pop, bulge out, go forth, emerge, growth, put out, going, withdrawal, egression, show up, release, emersion, leave, yield, matter, government issue, publication, come out of the closet, come to the fore, come out, surface, issuance, step up, passage, bring out, approach, write out, make out, protrude, appear, come in, number, upshot, way out, offspring, erupt, return, supply, come on, consequence.

Usage examples: