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Definition of elastic:

  1. Able to return quickly to a former state or condition, after being depressed or overtaxed; having power to recover easily from shocks and trials; as, elastic spirits; an elastic constitution.
  2. An elastic woven fabric, as a belt, braces or suspenders, etc., made in part of India rubber.
  3. Springing back; having a power or inherent property of returning to the form from which a substance is bent, drawn, pressed, or twisted; springy; having the power of rebounding; as, a bow is elastic; the air is elastic; India rubber is elastic.


pliable, earthen, conciliatory, safety belt, fluid, adjustable, plastic, astrakhan, acrylic, lively, elasticized, short-term, adaptive, chenille, transient, fur, string, stretch, live, horny, rubber band, bone, expandable, short-lived, modifiable, chiffon, floating, change, impressionable, expansile, flexible, tractile, glass, chain, expandible, moldable, chewy, whippy, viscoelastic, rubbery, cardboard, expansible, springy, elastic band, variable, flexile, bendable, lame, Dacron, waxy, bouncy, malleable, resilient, inconstant, stretchable, holder, concrete, cord, temporary, passing, pliant, acrylic, fictile, fleece, alabaster, rope, twine, suggestible, stretchy, adaptable, brief, elasticised, ductile, cable, alterable, changeable, tensile, glazed, leatherette, rubberlike, springlike, study at flexible, fleeting, compromising, Lurex, bendable, clip.

Usage examples: