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Definition of elevated:

  1. of Elevate
  2. Uplifted; high; lofty; also, animated; noble; as, elevated thoughts.


idealistic, wonderful, elevation, marvellous, noble, wondrous, gallant, luxurious, up, sumptuous, howling, sublime, high-flown, fantastic, heroic, soaring, overhead railway, eloquent, empyrean, reverend, imposing, ideal, rise, elated, opulent, expansive, gilded, grand, rarified, high, happy, magisterial, empyreal, el, raised, elevated railroad, august, princely, towering, elevated railway, tall, rattling, overhead, majestic, increase, lordly, noble-minded, deluxe, overjoyed, rare, terrific, steep, rarefied, high-sounding, eminent, aerial, altitude, elate, moral, tremendous, high-ranking, proud, high-minded, marvelous, style, lofty.

Usage examples: