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Definition of elevation:

  1. A geometrical projection of a building, or other object, on a plane perpendicular to the horizon; orthographic projection on a vertical plane; - called by the ancients the orthography.
  2. Condition of being elevated; height; exaltation.
  3. That which is raised up or elevated; an elevated place or station; as, an elevation of the ground; a hill.
  4. The act of raising from a lower place, condition, or quality to a higher; - said of material things, persons, the mind, the voice, etc.; as, the elevation of grain; elevation to a throne; elevation of mind, thoughts, or character.
  5. The angle which the style makes with the substylar line.
  6. The distance of a celestial object above the horizon, or the arc of a vertical circle intercepted between it and the horizon; altitude; as, the elevation of the pole, or of a star.
  7. The movement of the axis of a piece in a vertical plane; also, the angle of elevation, that is, the angle between the axis of the piece and the line o sight; - distinguished from direction.


heave, prime, stature, crest, aggrandisement, visor, face lift, flower, elevator, meridian, cover, vertex, breeding, peak, bloom, tip, upgrade, overhead railway, line of longitude, crown, fosterage, rearing, jump, heyday, altitude, top of the inning, pinnacle, facelift, summit, apex, rhytidectomy, teetotum, glorification, eyeshade, top side, round top, upper side, high, top, ski tow, lift, circus tent, upside, extremum, rhytidoplasty, point, big top, EL, blossom, ennoblement, upbringing, acme, tiptop, apotheosis, elevated railway, efflorescence, elevated, bill, summit meeting, raise, nurture, raising, superlative degree, cosmetic surgery, natural elevation, ski lift, alt, aerodynamic lift, advancement, aggrandizement, promotion, airlift, bringing up, flush, elevated railroad, whirligig, face lifting, vizor, height, superlative, spinning top, fostering, nip and tuck.

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