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Definition of elicit:

  1. Elicited; drawn out; made real; open; evident.
  2. To draw out or entice forth; to bring to light; to bring out against the will; to deduce by reason or argument; as, to elicit truth by discussion.


fuel, molest, set up, brace, evoke, dismiss, displace, distill, energize, chevvy, aspirate, conflagrate, upgrade, farm, grow, levy, awake, stir, sex, read up on, burn down, enhance, go off, beset, burn, kindle, hassle, rear, ascertain, translate, conjure up, harass, take out, pull, prolong, plague, summon, rouse, heighten, invoke, awaken, arouse, give the axe, derive, turn on, educe, go down, waken, bring up, sack, resurrect, chevy, send away, bring forth, energise, can, uncover, chivvy, terminate, express, conjure, give notice, wind up, distil, parent, find out, recruit, upraise, harry, excerpt, get up, get, prove, result in, perk up, draw, paint a picture, meet, erect, gather, enkindle, show, obtain, promote, open fire, kick upstairs, discharge, press out, stimulate, force out, inflame, protract, provoke, suggest, decide, advance, suck out, call forth, elevate, raise, extract, put up, pull out, give the sack, fire, kick up, draw out, wake up, chivy, excite, pull up, leaven, wake, nurture, put forward, extort, establish, call down, extend, come alive, leave, lift, study at extract.

Usage examples: