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Definition of elimination:

  1. Act of causing a quantity to disappear from an equation; especially, in the operation of deducing from several equations containing several unknown quantities a less number of equations containing a less number of unknown quantities.
  2. the act of discharging or excreting waste products or foreign substances through the various emunctories.
  3. The act of expelling or throwing off
  4. The act of obtaining by separation, or as the result of eliminating; deduction. [ See Eliminate, 4.]


contract, purgation, voidance, demolition, evacuation, revenge, genocide, avoidance, dispersion, beating, dumping, excreting, clearance, jettison, catharsis, reasoning by elimination, removable, excreta, rout, excrement, culpable homicide, euthanasia, disposal, keep, fall, fratricide, defeat, disqualification, drubbing, settlement, body waste, extraction, liquidation, foul play, excretion, emptying, hammering, riddance, displacement, purge, voiding, hit, butchery, excretory product.

Usage examples: