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Definition of emanate:

  1. Issuing forth; emanant.
  2. To issue forth from a source; to flow out from more or less constantly; as, fragrance emanates from flowers.
  3. To proceed from, as a source or fountain; to take origin; to arise, to originate.


rise, evolve, display, emit, manifest, give out, stem, throw out, discharge, arise, ascend, stream, vent, render, shoot, proceed, exhale, give forth, start, cast, flow, express yourself, voice, originate, irradiate, spill, send out, spring, come, generate, upspring, release, give away, exude, issue, offer, derive, expel, radiate, show, make no secret of something, begin, breathe out, surrender, issue from, send, give off, expire, beam.

Usage examples: