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Definition of embellish:

  1. To make beautiful or elegant by ornaments; to decorate; to adorn; as, to embellish a book with pictures, a garden with shrubs and flowers, a narrative with striking anecdotes, or style with metaphors.


floor, lard, pad, broider, footslog, slog, bolster, clothe, embroider, adorn, prettify, lose one's temper, enlarge, aggrandize, magnify, flip one's wig, set off, dramatise, have kittens, blow a fuse, deck, inflate, go ballistic, ornament, grace, adopt, dress, hit the ceiling, tramp, trudge, invest, dump, throw a fit, fly off the handle, blow one's stack, illustrate, detonate, aggrandise, bedight, blow up, amplify, plod, dramatize, puff up, knock down, explode, fill out, combust, beautiful, puff, decorate, beautify, flip one's lid, expand, have a fit, gild, coldcock, study at decorate, puff out, hit the roof, fancify.

Usage examples: