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Definition of embody:

  1. To form into a body; to invest with a body; to collect into a body, a united mass, or a whole; to incorporate; as, to embody one's ideas in a treatise.
  2. To unite in a body, a mass, or a collection; to coalesce.


make up, comprehend, assimilate, Be, actualise, confirm, epitomize, body forth, take in, define, realize, build in, personify, typify, count in, express, cost, realise, actualize, exteriorize, externalize, objectify, have, corroborate, come down to, follow, body, absorb, subsume, collect, represent, substantiate, substitute, personalize, enter into, characterize, sustain, co-opt, add on, organize, exemplify, instantiate, equal, affirm, exist, feature, contain, live, personate, support, incarnate.

Usage examples: